Publishing house "Kutaalam" was founded in 2006. Kutaalam specializes in publishing books for schools and pre-school institutions, fiction for children and youth, as well as various books, posters, booklets and other printing products. Over the years, more than 300 titles of books were published, many of which are combined into a series:


In 2011, “Kutaalam” won a tender for the publication of educational and methodological sets for first graders on a new curriculum and issued textbooks for schools with instructions in Kyrgyz, Russian, Uzbek and Tajik languages, except for mathematics and arts – about 50 titles in total.

Textbooks on Kyrgyz and Russian literature for the senior classes have been printed.

Our publishing house has developed training manuals for preschool preparation of children: "Preparing for the letter", "Preschool Mathematics", "Teaching the fine arts for preschool children" for Russian schools, and "Preparing for the letter", "Preparing for mathematics", "Көркөм өнөр чыгармачылык башаты" for Kyrgyz schools.

For kindergartens, the series of manuals "I will Learn, I will Know" were published in Russian and Kyrgyz languages.

In 2012 a large textbook "Nurbilim" was published for primary classes where the best works of Russian and world classics of children's literature were collected.

In 2017 16 textbooks were prepared for the primary classes with instructions in Russian and Kyrgyz languages.

As of 2014, the series «Okuuchunun kitep tekchesine» are being published, where works of Kyrgyz authors compose the program.

Our publishing house has prepared 16 catalogues on the art of painting.

The dictionary “Kyrgyz-Russian-English dictionary in pictures for children” was developed and published to learn foreign languages.

An illustrated manual “Kyrgyz language for children” was published for pre-school children to learn the state language.

“Kutaalam” is planning to release 100 volumes of thematic encyclopedias for children. 20 volumes have been published by now.

In addition, our publishing house has released a number of various books that are not included in the above series.

 We also develop and prepare for printing various methodological literature for school and kindergarten teachers, and produce visuall materials. In addition, “Kutaalam” is engaged in pre-press preparation of products from various spheres of public life - medical, economic, etc.

All our employees have experience in publishing work, certificates of advanced training courses organized by the Goethe Institute (Germany).